I’ve created the Healing School as a reminder of this:

We already have the answers.

Healing happens when we connect with ourselves.

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If you are facing chronic health issues such as Chronic Fatigue, Histamine Intolerance, Food Allergies, Chronic Pain and Inflammation, Adrenal Burnout, PMS, migraines, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Anxiety … 

. . .  there is hope.

I believe our bodies are designed to heal.

Are you tired of living small, feeling fragile, taking a boat-load of supplements and following diets you’re not sure are helping? Becoming your own doctor, researching like you’re in med school? Feeling isolated, scared, alone, tired of this? Has managing your health become a full-time job?

Do you have unexplained symptoms, increasing restrictions and limitations, and does each new symptom make you think worst-case scenarios? A sense of growing dread, doom, anxiety, or like you lost the person you once were?

Healing School is designed to support you on your path to healing. It is the first of its kind online wellness community where you will meet others, like yourself, who are using the tools and doing the work together in community and in conversation with themselves to discover their answers, their infinite power, and the wealth of wisdom that lies within. The tools we learn, the texts we study, the practices we commit to are powerful. And they heal us. But I have found in doing this work with others, it is most effective with ongoing support…  and in community (especially for those times when we “fall off the wagon” or “forget”).

This work is available here 24/7.

It invites you to make it your practice and your life.

And, most importantly, it allows you to step into a new space outside of illness, pain, anxiety, and fear. And finally be free..

Discover what happens when you start a conversation with your body, heart, and soul.

For $79 a month you’ll get: [Healing School membership is currently FREE for three months and will go to a low-cost monthly fee until further notice. Join now at no cost!]

  • Classes designed to support you in every facet of your life, including meditation, yoga, breathwork, boundaries, emotions, mind-body tools, and all the basic principles of recovery.
  • Monthly calls that offer coaching, discussion, and powerful shifts in your life.
  • A real community of like-minded women who are on the same path and will witness your journey and support you every step of the way.
  • Participation in a profound conversation about health, wellness, life, truth, relationships, and deep personal work.
  • Tools for self-healing that you can take with you wherever you are.
  • Online coaching from me and others who have been there, inspiration, prompts to help guide your work, a place for discussion, camaraderie, connection, nourishment, accountability, and to discover the long-awaited answers that already lie within.

…all from wherever you are right now — Siberia, a yurt, your bed, a yoga mat.

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