There was a time when I didn't believe I could heal.

When I was in rough enough shape that I believed I might die.

Allergies, anxiety, pain, fatigue, my list of symptoms was unbelievable and endless.

My first step (which now seems more like divine intervention) was that someone who got it found me. She'd walked this path and shared what worked. At first, I didn't believe her. But what other choice did I have? I'd tried everything before, and there was a time when I could only tolerate five foods, no supplements, and was even reacting to spring water.

I followed the suggestions of the woman who became my mentor. I had no idea what was happening to me. But she kept reassuring me. I'd lost faith that things would ever get better. But she kept the faith.

In fact, she held the space. She picked up the phone. She listened, and advised, and patiently re-directed me when I got off track. When I wanted to jump ahead, or lost patience.

So I walked this path. For 18 months. And I was told healing is never linear. I learned. And I found this to be true. And then one day I was back at the edges of what looked to be normal life. A new normal, but a better normal than I'd ever known.

Not only did I heal from a dozen or more bizarre health issues, I came back stronger.

I had to build myself up from the inside out. And I had to do it with people who spoke the language. I did therapies I'd never hear of at the time. Therapies that later blew my mind at their impact and effectiveness. I took some medicine. I did a few supplements. But that wasn't what healed me in the end. And now I no longer take meds. The supplements I take are there as support. I followed a diet, but now I eat what I want.

I'm no longer a slave to my daily symptoms. My life is no longer ruled by chronic health issues. Most days, they are the last thing on my mind.

And now I help others to heal from chronic (and often mysterious and invisible) health conditions--pain, allergies, anxiety, chronic fatigue, OCD, chemical and environmental sensitivities, fibromyalgia, POTs and more.

I keep the faith; I hold the space; I share with you what healed me and keeps me healthy and strong.

I partner with you to get back to life, to health, and to healing once and for all.

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Who Am I?

Sometimes clients tell me they don't think they can heal. They feel broken. Different. Maybe the reason I was finally able to get better is because I'm special, lucky, more robust. But none of this is true.

Healing happens.

It just does. Even if you don't believe it, you can still heal. Even if you don't "get it right" or follow things perfectly, you can really heal.

Foremost, I'm someone who has spent most of my life with health issues. I've tried everything, and then I found things that work, that actually make a difference. And now I've devoted my life to helping others end chronic health issues and live again.

 I'm a life coach, a reiki practitioner, a mind-body practitioner, and a teacher of personal development and self-recovery. I'm finishing an Iyengar yoga teacher training and studying somatic experiencing with Peter Levine. I'm also writer and a mother.  I offer help through private coaching sessions, healing school, and online courses for recovery and healing.


Don't hesitate to reach out. darla at darlabrunohealing dot com