Currently at work on a launching Healing School, so my personal session times are limited ... but here are some of the options I offer right now. If these feel like a good fit, and you're interested in learning more, just reach out to darla at or fill out the form below to find out of you'd benefit from working with me.

sensitive person hotline

$35 email/$65 one-hour phone consult

By email or phone, we dissolve snags that can arise as someone living life in the neuro-atypical or HSP (highly sensitive person) realm. Topics include communication, self-compassion, untangling complexities, voice, boundaries, clarity, and empowerment.

Trauma-INformed Coaching

$40-$85/Or pay what you can

After many years of chronic health issues, I discovered a therapy that is both subtle and immensely powerful. Somatic Experiencing works to help discharge stored energy and regulate the nervous system. When a nervous system is dysregulated, all manner of issues can arise: ocd, chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, chronic fatigue, sensory issues, and more. SE (somatic experiencing). These sessions, create a safe container for the body to heal and restore capacity, welcome the return of its life force, and begin to regulate and settle. 
Skype or in-person. Forty-five minute and seventy-five minute sessions available.

Mind-Body Healing Sessions

$85 per hour 

Using tools from a wide range of mind-body practices including metaphor, Sarno's theories, dream, body-dialoguing, somatic experiencing, and more, we create the space for and discovering the truth, passion, repressed emotion, want, desire, and voice beneath the illness or symptom.

Health Coaching

$85 per hour

We discuss your history and concerns and develop a plan for healing.

Scope of sessions includ lyme, mast-cell disorders, chemical and environmental sensitivities, allergies, food intolerance, chronic pain, anxiety, ocd, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia. Ask if you need further details.



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