Navigating chronic health issues--not to mention financing healing them--can take over your life. I've been there. I know the fear, the depression, the anger. And feeling like I was missing out, broken, unworthy, stuck and overwhelmed. But I can tell you this with absolute certainty:

Life doesn't have to be this way.

You can heal. And you can get your life back.

You can feel peace again, hope ... you can feel pleasure, joy, and ease.

Healing happens. It really does. It did for me, and I can show you how.

you can heal from ...

chronic fatigue   anxiety   pain issues   chemical and environmental sensitivities   adrenal burnout   allergies   ocd

Maybe you've given up. Or you're losing hope. You've been at this for years. Or you recovered but it didn't last. Maybe you're having a health crises and it feels impossible to believe things will ever get better.

I have coached people who are bedbound, in crises, have had years and years of chronic unresolved issues.

I have also coached folks who are living their lives, but not optimally. Who are functioning, but having symptoms--reminders that something is "still wrong." Who are plagued with feelings of burnout, pain flare ups, chronic issues that are like static in the background of their lives, draining them, reminding them they can't really be who they once were.

I believe in healing. There is hope for recovery no matter where you fall on the spectrum of chronic health issues.

And so I would love to join your team of supporters and get you back on your feet sooner than later.


Your beautiful life is within your reach.